Billy Murray's Line of Golf Clothes Is the Bill Murray-est Thing Yet

At this point there's exactly nothing Bill Murray can't do.

The award-winning actor, writer, comedian, bartender, and part-owner of the Charleston Riverdogs just released the first pieces from his upcoming collection of golf clothing. While the full range will be out later this fall, interested parties can find a golf shirt (for $75) and two baseball caps ($32 apiece) online right now.

The collection, nobly named William Murray Golf, is about as Bill Murray as it gets. The line's logo, which you'll find where you'd normally a see a pony or a crocodile on other polo shirts, is an illustration of the polymath hurling a club through the air in frustration. According to our friends at Golf Digest, it was inspired by an image of Murray doing the same thing in real life at a tournament in Pebble Beach earlier this year. Another shirt is printed with miniature old fashioneds, with a handful of glasses tipped over here and there.


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