Murray Pin High Cart Towel



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An ideal way to give your golf bag some extra flair and style, this new cart towel is inspired by our popular Pin High polos and button downs.

From afar, a confetti-like pattern. Up close, an array of assorted pin flags blowing in the breeze.

This cart towel also sports an oversized William Murray 'invisible man' logo, as well as a carabiner clip (through a metal-reinforced circle) that assures your towel remains affixed, even if you get that cart rolling sideways.

  • 70% more absorbent than standard cotton golf towels
  • Microfiber waffle towel to help remove dirt from your clubs
  • 85% Polyester / 15% Polyamide
  • Metal eyelet and carabiner included for a secure hold on your bag
  • Approximate dimensions: 24"x 16"

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