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"I was already working for a living, paying my own way—being a man. And one of the perks of being a man is smoking a cigar." — Bill

That little anecdote is from Bill's iconic 2016 story in Cigar Aficionado about his first run-in with a broken stogie as a 13-year old working at a golf course.

That classic tale is the reason we decided to add this guillotine-style cutter as a limited edition item for Bill's 70th birthday.

Stainless steel and made to cut ideal amount off cigar caps each time with a 56 ring gauge—this is a golf bag go-to for any Murray-loving cigar enthusiast. 

  • Double Stainless Steel Blade
  • Cuts up to 56 Ring Gauge Cigar
  • Accommodates all cigar shapes, including torpedo and figurado cigars
  • Includes black gift box

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