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Avo Over Easy Trucker Hat

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Color: Navy/White

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 Avo Over Easy–a true story about Bill that defies all conventional wisdom, while making you love his unique approach to life even more.

We hope you like your eggs with a side of avocado, a cold one and a round of golf! Whether you actually invited Bill to your house or he just showed up unannounced, you’ll know that his signature housewarming gift is a dozen eggs and an avocado–even if some of the shells come slightly cracked. Yep, you heard that right! Bill’s gift is almost as personal as a home-cooked meal–he just wants YOU to cook it for him!

This print embodies Bill’s real unique self. Avo Over Easy pays homage to the many mysteries about the logo himself, and infuses his philosophy of the most important meal of the day prior to hitting the links with this one-of-a-kind design. Celebrate Bill in style with Avo Over Easy!



UV Protection
Moisture Wicking
Polyester blend
Mesh back
Spot clean only
Adjustable back
One size fits most

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