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  • Signing up is easy!  Simply create an account and enter your name, email, and password. It’s free to join and you will automatically be signed up to receive emails with insider access to sales, promotions, and all of our newest drops. If you currently have an account or email subscription with us - you just have to Opt-in our rewards program so you can kick back, sign in, and start earning Points!
  • You also earn points for sharing with friends, leaving product reviews, and are even gifted with bonus points just for having a birthday! In addition to earning points, members have the chance to earn free shipping and get exclusive access to coupons, launches, promotions, giveaways, and more.Contact customer service by emailing We can offer one account per customer, so whichever account you'd like to use, we can add your points there, and delete your old account and information from our system!

    You can view the full list of perks on our rewards page.
  • The rewards page is your roadmap to all your points and perks. You can access all your info by visiting our rewards page.
  • You will only receive points for purchases made after creating your rewards account. Make sure to create an account before placing an order so you can receive points!
  • Contact customer service by emailing We can offer one account per customer, so whichever account you'd like to use, we can add your points there, and delete your old account and information from our system!
  • Absolutely not! Sign up is 100% free, and it will never cost you anything to earn points. Make sure to visit the rewards page to get started.
  • Exchanging your points for a dollar amount discount off or your purchase couldn't be easier! Once you are logged in to your Reward's account Your points balance should appear at check out!

    You should be able to choose how many points you would like to redeem for your purchase. If you do not see your point after you’re logged in, make sure you are not using ShopPay or PayPal. If the system takes your directly to Shop Pay, please X out and refresh your page. After adding the points, you should be able to select Shop Pay again for a quicker checkout.
  • Every 10 points = $1
  • Each member gets a 50 point reward just for creating an account therefore joining our rewards program. Aside from earning points through purchases, you can add your birthday to your account to earn 250 points, and leave us a review.

  • Nope!  That’s the best part about being a rewards member!  You will always have an opportunity to earn more points by shopping with us, engaging with our brand and community online, and through seasonal sales.
  • William Murray Golf Rewards is reserved for our ecommerce customers. Wholesale customers or orders for events and tournaments do not qualify for William Murray Golf Rewards and cannot earn points toward purchases.
  • Yes. If you are returning the entire order, we will refund you the total dollar amount spent after the discount was applied. The points you used to redeem the discount will also be added back into your rewards account.
  • Points and and your Club Level will expire after one year if you do not interact with the program (i.e., redeeming points, placing an order, etc) The expiration date is 365 days from the date you joined, after that point, you will no longer be considered an "Active Member"

    If WMG ever decides to end the rewards program, your points and perks will expire with the program. We also reserve the right to terminate any person’s rewards membership if we believe you are violating our Terms and Conditions, reselling products, exploiting the program, making excessive returns, engaged in fraud, abuse of privileges or inappropriate behavior that seeks to manipulate the rewards program, or for any other reason we deem necessary based on our sole discretion.

    If your account is terminated by you or us, or you opt-out of the rewards program, you will lose any unused rewards as well as all points that have not been redeemed.
  • An active user is someone who is opted-in to our loyalty program and performed one or more of the following actions within past 365 days:

    - Making a purchase

    - Receiving a perk/reward - This includes all perks except for earning points through our 250 point Birthday Reward.

    - Referral completion

    - Referral share

    - Redeeming points/coupons Customers who exceed the 365 day time frame without completing one of the above-mentioned actions will lose their accrued point balance.
  • Your Club Level is determined by the amount you spend in one year (360 days) from when you signed up. To reach:
    Club Big Ern, you must spend $200
    Club Venkman you must spend $400
    Club ZFG, you must spend $750

    Once you qualify, you will instantly move up and have access to that tier's perks through the rest of the current calendar year as well as the following calendar year. As you move up in the Club Tiers, you will retain all benefits from your previous tier.
  • When you are signed into your rewards account, your account home page will list all of the rewards tiers. Your current club level and perks will be highlighted with a box around it.
  • As a  Club Big Ern, Club Venkman and Club ZFG member, you will receive select sale emails ahead of the general public so you get first dibs on all the best sale styles!
  • When your total points cross a club level threshold you will receive an email welcoming you into the new club!
  • Once you are in Club Big Ern, Club Venkman, or Club ZFG you will be in that club for one year from the date you earned it. Make sure to keep interacting with our program to maintain your status (or even move up a tier)! If you do not interact with the program for one year by not making a purchase, your points will be wiped out and your status will move down one club level.
  • Double-check you were signed into your rewards account and didn’t accidentally check out as a guest. You must be logged in when making purchases to earn points.

    If you have done this in error, contact us at to help apply your points to your account. You also won’t receive points if you return your purchase or your purchase is canceled for any reason. Please note that any points you earn on a purchase you later return will be deducted from your point balance.
  • Yes!  You work hard to earn points and we want you to feel confident that all of your points are right where they should be . . . in your account!  

    The first thing to note is that there may be a delay in our systems communicating and points could take anywhere from minutes to several hours to appear in your account.  However, if you feel like you have earned points but they are not showing up in your account you can also troubleshoot it with these tricks:

    1. Try to refresh your browser.
    2. Try to log out and then back in to your account.
    3. Check your ‘Rewards history’ in your Rewards account to see if the points were added without you realizing it.

    Your ‘Rewards history’ will show you the number of points earned, how and when they were earned, as well as any redemptions of points made on your account.

    If you still feel like your points balance is not accurate you can contact our customer service team at and they will look into the issue for you.
  • We are sorry to hear that.  There are a couple of scenarios that could have triggered the error message.

    The first possible scenario is that there was a mistype in one of the email addresses that you entered or you forgot to put commas between multiple emails to separate them. 

    To eliminate confusion over what occurred, we recommend that you go back and enter each email address one at a time, clicking ‘send’ after each one rather than uploading them all at once.  

    If you are still having problems using the email referrals we recommend using your unique referral link or sharing the referral through Facebook, Twitter, or Messenger to receive credit. Please contact our if you need further assistance.
  • Thank you so much for sharing us with your friends!  We really appreciate it.   Referred friends must be a first time customer in order for both of you to receive the referral rewards.  In addition, the referral must be initiated through our rewards referral box on your personal rewards page or through the use of your unique referral link also found there.  Points will be added to your account as soon as your friend completes their first purchase on our website.   When this happens you will receive an email letting you know that one of your referrals made a purchase using your code and that a reward was added to your account.  You can also check your ‘Rewards History’ to see a list of any points that you have received for referrals.
  • Add your birthday under ways to earn points on the rewards page. On your birthday we will send you a special discount code via email valid for 30 days from the date of your b-day!

    *Your birthday code is non-transferable and may not be sold or assigned to anyone else. If we feel someone is trying to manipulate the program, we reserve the right to terminate your account at our discretion.
  • Happy Birthday!  We’re so glad that you have chosen to celebrate with us through our rewards program.  In order for you to receive your birthday bonus on your birthday, you must register your birthday at least 30 days prior to your birthday.

    If your birthday falls between the day that you registered and the 30 day waiting period afterwards, you will receive your birthday bonus 30 days after your registration.  This delay is only applicable for the first year that you signed up.

    All successive birthday bonuses will be emailed to you on your birthday.  If you register your birthday through your rewards account any time after it has passed in the current calendar year, rewards will not be added to your account until the day of your birthday in the following year.

    Remember, the birthday reward is determined by the Rewards member tier that you are part of on the date of your birthday. If it has been more than 30 days since you registered for your birthday reward and you still have not received the additional points in your account, please contact, and we will be happy to assist you.
  • As a ZFG Club Member, your Free US Ground Shipping will be automatically applied at checkout – just remember to make sure you're signed in! Please note free shipping applies only to ground domestic shipping within the US. Club Big Ern will automatically receive Free US Ground Shipping with a $100 Order and Club Venkman will automatically earn Free US Ground Shipping with a $75 Order. Please note free shipping applies only to ground domestic shipping within the US.
  • Rewards points can be redeemed during the checkout process. Before checking out, ensure that you are signed in to your account.  Once you get to the checkout screen you will see your total available Rewards points in a slide bar on the top left of the page.  To use your rewards, slide the points redemption bar to select the number of points you would like to redeem on the order you are placing, then continue with the check out process.  To redeem all available Rewards slide the bar all the way to the right. Points cannot be applied to tax and shipping charges where applicable.
  • If you still have questions about the WMG REWARDS program, please email the William Murray Customer Service Team at

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