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Be Warm, Stay Cool—Laid-Back Lifestyle Looks Highlight Fall Releases

Be Warm, Stay Cool—Laid-Back Lifestyle Looks Highlight Fall Releases

For years, William Murray has felt our superpower and secret weapon lies in not just how our apparel looks, but how it performs in all settings. 

Few brands in the golf and lifestyle apparel space are creating long sleeve button down looks that work both on- and off-the-course—our four-way stretch material made to not hinder one's swing, or to get in the way of your game.

Most have heard the story by now, but for those out of the know, the legendary Bill Murray is not a fan of the traditional polo—courtesy of receiving too many as hand-me-downs in a large family with eight siblings.

This is precisely why—even before William Murray was a thing—Bill was parading around Pebble Beach in long-sleeved button downs and other eclectic, non-traditional golf looks. 

To Bill, polos always felt boring, never fit right and were usually worn-out before he could take possession and get a proper wear.

Our early mission, create a button-down that one can play golf in, which we accomplished back in 2016. We got the official sign-off from Bill, as well as our long-time PGA Tour brand ambassador, Pat Perez—who is prone to rock a button down in casual fall rounds around his favorite courses in Scottsdale.

Those who know Pat also know that he's more of a rock-n-roller than a traditional golfer. The long-time Tour pro has often joked that he'd give up all his golfing talent if he could transfer it over to drums—a funny sentiment as Pat's bud Nicko McBrain, of Iron Maiden fame, would rather hit the links than pound the skins. 

Rockers want to be golfers and most golfers wish they could rock. Funny how that all works out. 

With Pat and other like-minded enthusiasts in mind, a more laid-back, jeans-and-flannel look was in mind this when William Murray dropped two new-look Chill-Out flannels, as well as a pair of heavier Caddyshacket pieces this fall.

Geeked out as many were to see William Murray's evolution into some new lifestyle pieces, Kelly Messia—the brand's Senior Apparel Designer—was quick to remind everyone this was a logical next step for the four-year old brand.

"We wanted to create something seasonally-appropriate this fall," Messia shared. "We took key functions from our proven woven collection and carried those over into a fall weight style and warmer winter-weather fabrics."

The long-time designer went on to explain that the brushed-off Cotton will keep brand enthusiasts warmer than the breathable materials used in spring- and summer-look button downs—eliminating standard accents like underarm perforation, but keeping signature under collar snaps and a subtle pencil sew on the left chest pocket. 

The Chill-Out Flannel is offered in a goes-with-everything grey and white pattern, as well as a darker plaid pattern, based on the official Murray family tartan—a subtle tribute that's makes it way on to most of the brand's apparel in some way, shape or form. 

As for the cleverly-named Caddyshacket—it's currently available in a tweed pattern, as well as a bold navy look—which is William Murray's go-to color. 

Patterned like a heavy quilted flannel-type button-up, the Caddyshacket is made of the same outerwear material used in the brand's popular Downpour Jacket—the surprise hit of a few years back. It also features an interior polar fleece lining for extra comfort, which Messia suggest pairing with many different looks. 

"The Caddyshacket looks great over a bold t-shirt and a good pair of jeans, while the Chill-Out flannels were made for layering under our Serious Business blazers, or to be worn in standalone fashion," Messia shared, along with the reminder that performance was still in mind when creating both these pieces.

"I'm not sure if anyone out there will wear the Chill-Out or the Caddyshacket on the course for a chilly round this fall, but for those wondering—both these looks will absolutely deliver on- and off-the course."

Both Chill-Out flannels and Caddyshacket looks are currently in stock as of late November, but both could be gone as holiday shopping gets underway this year—so if either are your jam, best to get in while the getting's still good. 

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