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New York And Our "Murray State Of Mind"

New York And Our "Murray State Of Mind"

Wilmette, Illinois will forever be home to Bill Murray and the rest of the Murray clan—but one would argue New York had as much of an impact on the almost 71-year old comedian, if not more.

Murray cut his acting teeth in The Big Apple and filmed some of his most-iconic feature films there, including GhostbustersSt. Vincent, Off The Rocks, as well as the underrated Quick Change—marking the actor's first and only role as director.

All of this was obviously preceded by a legendary three-year run on Saturday Night Live and The National Lampoon Radio Hour—which brought him to New York and had him working with future SNL castmates John Belush, Gilda Radner and future director Harold Ramis.

New York in the fall and winter has always been a magical place, which is why William Murray is rolling out this new inspired collection this season.

Bill's affinity and connection to the city is undeniable, dating back to his youth—but continuing to connect later in life.

Back in 2016, Bill made headlines bartending on opening night at 21 Greenpoint in Brooklyn, a restaurant owned by his son Homer Murray—and a year later, the man, the myth, the Murray was leading an annual poetry walk across the Brooklyn Bridge. 

Exciting and iconic as the moment are, for Murray, it's always been about the city's lifeblood, energy and passion. 

"My favorite thing about New York is the people, because they're misunderstood," Murray shared in an interview. "I don't think people realize how kind New York people are." 

Wise words spoken like a transplant who avoided the whole casual observer thing and fully dug into his New York experience—the people, culture and lifestyle firmly embedded in his DNA.

Regarding William Murray's new empire state of mind collection—six new offerings have hit the market, with a few more in the works for a winter release—all with winks and nods to Bill's time in New York.

Subway vibes and patterns on display with "Next Stop"—featuring an assortment of mosaic tile prints, with subtle homages to different stations and lines—while "Brook Lines" pays homage to the iconic Brooklyn Bridge.

"Off The Rocks" continues the brand's spirit of libations-inspired patterns—an array of lowball numbers, shakers, citrus garnish and retro-style accents—while "Raise The Roof" pays tribute to the vintage pressed tin ceiling tiles that adored vintage bars and finer establishments of yesteryear. (Bonus points or martini glasses, cocktail-shaking servers and the occasional Empire State Building worked in for some extra flair!)

"Puttin' On The Ritz" channels Gatsby-era vibes from afar, but in reality is an array of fanned out wedges and teed up golf balls—while "Here Kitty Kitty" plays off of the iconic family wallpaper in the Wes Anderson classic, The Royal Tennenbaums—replacing the original zebras with flying cheetahs and the occasional William Murray 'invisible man' logo.

Author and lecturer Robert McKee writes that, "Storytelling is the most powerful way to put ideas into the world"—something William Murray takes to heart with every new collection and season.

New York was the muse this fall and when coupled with Bill's authentic relationship to this magical city, William Murray just delivered collection that will be the talk of the town.

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