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Chip Shots Remain William Murray's Secret Weapon

Chip Shots Remain William Murray's Secret Weapon

A piece of men's golf outerwear doesn't always command a standalone article, but William Murray feels that strongly about its versatile and unique Chip Shot Pullover and has a lot to say.

Originally rolled out in Fall 2019 in classic Heather Gray, Navy and Black—the Chip Shot became an overnight success for the brand as golfers and non-golfers alike gravitated towards the lightweight piece for different reasons.

Due to the piece's success, William Murray has launched two new colorways for Spring 2021—Spearmint and Seafoam—as well as the return of a limited edition Pink, a Bill Murray favorite, which sold out within days last year.

On-the-course, the sheer nature of the Chip Shot does nothing to hinder one's golf swing, or weigh down the bag—while it's ability to instantly class things up off the course is unparalleled.

PGA Tour veteran and longtime William Murray brand ambassador Pat Perez asked for one in every color months back, citing the Chip Shot's low maintenance care needs, as well as it's ability to change the vibe.

"Instead of changing from a t-shirt to a button down before running out to dinner, or having people over, I just toss the black Chip Shot over whatever I'm wearing and I'm good to go," Perez shared, in standard, authentic fashion.

Slacks and tucked-in polos is a big part of Tour life, so when home or experiencing an off-week—most players prefer to dress down, going the jeans and t-shirt route.

All that to say, if and when they need a quick and non-invasive way to kick things up a notch, this meant-to-be-untucked, lightweight piece of men's golf outerwear is a convenient go-to.

Let's face it, fellas are often looking for shortcuts when it comes to their wardrobe. Whether it's hanging a button down in a steamed up bathroom instead of busting out an iron, to hanging t-shirts to get out of having to fold them—seems there are countless hacks to simplify the process.

William Murray copywriter and storyteller Chris Bello mused about a few angles he wanted to take when describing the Chip Shot, but couldn't work in without incriminating himself and his admittedly lazy wardrobe efforts.

"I can't tell you how many times I've grabbed a balled-up Chip Shot off the floor of my closet, put it on over whatever ratty t-shirt I was wearing and headed out the door to meet someone for lunch," Bello said, with a grin.

"Even with that, I've pulled the look off just as I have when grabbing a freshly-washed Chip Shot off a hanger. This pullover is more of a go-to than ever imagined, due to it being so low maintenance for a guy who digs the path of lease resistance when it comes to wardrobe."

Where some are prone to use the Chip Shot to clean up the t-shirt and jeans laid back look, Bill proved it's worth on the golf course when debuting the pink version at at the AT&T Pebble Beach Pro-Am in 2020.

The stylish Murray brother sported the new look during Wednesday's 3M Celebrity Challenge, last year.

Bill kept things casual up top—his pink Chip Shot unzipped, to showcase his new Mad Draws button-down—and in true Murray fashion, was still able to pull off his Carl Spackler-inspired gray camo bucket hat to complete the look.

The Chip Shot proved to be William Murray's biggest surprise and winner last fall—and with two new colorways and Bill's favorite pink look back in stock this week—there's no doubt the pesky groundhog got it wrong when predicting a longer winter.

Spring is officially in the air and underway at William Murray.

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