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Exploring the Murray Brothers' Favorite Courses From Around the World

Exploring the Murray Brothers' Favorite Courses From Around the World

When the Murrays gather with friends and family, one thing is almost guaranteed – a round of golf. But have you ever wondered which courses top their list of favorites? We snagged a moment with the family and put together an exclusive list of their top golf courses from around the world, crafting a golfing bucket list that's perfect for 2024. Join us as we step onto the lush fairways of these golfing paradises and uncover the courses that hold a special place in the hearts of Bill and the Brothers.

  1. Long Beach Country Club (Long Beach, IN)
    • Set against the stunning backdrop of Lake Michigan, Long Beach Country Club in Indiana emerges as a coastal masterpiece that captures the essence of a golfing philosophy. With panoramic views that redefine the golfing experience, this course invites players to immerse themselves in a symphony by the sea, where every swing is accompanied by the rhythmic sounds of the waves. It's more than a golf course; it's an invitation to share in a passion for the game and the beauty that surrounds it.

  2. Prairie Dunes Country Club (Hutchinson, KS)
    • Explore the captivating canvas of Prairie Dunes Country Club in Hutchinson, Kansas, where undulating prairies meet the art of golf. This gallery of challenges and breathtaking vistas seamlessly blends the untamed with the refined for a unique golfing experience. As players navigate the meticulously designed course, they become part of a living masterpiece, each swing adding a stroke to nature's canvas and making every round a journey through golfing artistry.

  3. Farm Neck Golf Club (Oak Bluffs, MA)
    • Precision and paradise converge at Farm Neck Golf Club on Martha's Vineyard, Massachusetts. Ocean views and vibrant greenery create an enchanting narrative, turning each swing into a story and making this course a haven. Appreciate the delicate fusion of challenging holes and coastal beauty, making every round a celebration of the art of golf amid the paradise that is Farm Neck.

  4. The Slammer and The Squire (St. Augustine, FL)
    • Step into history at The Slammer and The Squire in St. Augustine, Florida – a championship course where legends once played. Endorsed by its challenges, this course isn't just about the hurdles it poses but about contributing to the storied history of golf. Each swing becomes a chapter in the narrative of this prestigious course, creating a golfing experience that is both historic and thrilling.

  5. Indian Hill Club (Winnetka, IL)
    • Uncover golfing elegance at Indian Hill Club in Winnetka, Illinois, where meticulously groomed fairways and a masterpiece of landscape await. Appreciate the refined symphony of challenges, making this course a preferred destination for those who seek a golfing experience that seamlessly blends precision and artistry. Every round at Indian Hill Club is an invitation to lose oneself in the beauty of the game.

  6. The Dunes (Myrtle Beach, SC)
    • Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, invites you to The Dunes, a coastal ode to the sport. Whether you choose to swing or surf, celebrate the challenge and picturesque escapade this course offers. It isn't just a golf course; it's a journey along the shores, a dance with the coastal elements, and an opportunity to experience the thrill of golf amid the beauty of Myrtle Beach.

  7. Waterville Golf Links (Co. Kerry, Ireland) ☘️
    • Embark on a golfing pilgrimage at Waterville Golf Links in County Kerry, Ireland, where rugged coastal beauty sets the stage for an awe-inspiring golf experience. Endorse this course for its unique journey through Irish landscapes and golfing history. Each hole becomes a chapter in the story of Irish golf, making every round at Waterville Golf Links a memorable exploration of the sport's rich heritage.

  8. St Patrick’s Golf Club (Downpatrick, United Kingdom)
    • St. Patrick’s Golf Club in Downpatrick, United Kingdom, invites players to immerse themselves in tradition and modern play. Appreciate the harmonious blend against the backdrop of historic surroundings, making it a preferred destination for those who seek a golfing experience that honors the past while embracing the excitement of the present. Every round at St. Patrick’s Golf Club is a journey through time and tradition.

  9. Narin and Portnoo Link (Co. Donegal, Ireland)
    • Feel the Atlantic breeze at Narin and Portnoo Link in County Donegal, Ireland, where every shot is a dance with the dunes and a connection with the wild. Celebrate this course for its distinctive golfing adventure, where the untamed beauty of the landscape becomes an integral part of the game. Each swing at Narin and Portnoo Link is an opportunity to immerse oneself in the natural wonders of County Donegal and experience golf in its wildest and most captivating form.

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