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Top 13 Bill Murray Movies To Watch When Quarantined — Part II

Top 13 Bill Murray Movies To Watch When Quarantined — Part II

For those of you who missed the first part of our "Top 13 Murraytastic movies to watch while holed up and trying to avoid catching COVID-19check it out here before diving into the final seven. 

Too lazy to click? A quick recap.

Bill Murray believes that the more relaxed we all are, the better we will be at everything—from dealing with loved ones to enemies, as well as our job and ourselves. 

Sage advice from The Murricane while our world goes in to panic-mode over all things Coronavirus-related—complaining on social media regarding precautionary measures taken (re: sporting events cancelled), hoarding toilet paper and turning to the black market for hand sanitizer. 

With forced relaxation and unexpected close quarters our new reality for the next few days, weeks or even months—some Netflix-and-Bill suggestions seemed like a good way to help our like-minded compadres pass the time. 

Already listed in our Top 13—"Scrooged" (Honorable Mention), "Zombieland" (#13), "St. Vincent" (#12), "Meatballs" (#11), "Kingpin" (#10), "Stripes" (#9) and "Rushmore" (#8). 

The best of the rest: 

bill murray quick change geena davis randy quaid

#7 — “Quick Change” — A box office bomb that became a severely underrated cult-classic. A bank heist went right, but everything that followed went wrong—leaving Bill’s character (Grimm) and crew to negotiate their way through New York City, en route to JFK to flee the country.

Every turn proves to be the wrong one, but the man, the myth, the Murray uses humor and wit to escape every disaster in epic fashion.

Bonus points for great cameos by Stanley Tucci, SNL alum Phil Hartman and a then-unknown Tony Shalhoub—while Geena Davis and Randy Quaid are perfect misfits for Grimm’s gang. 

Available for purchase on iTunes, AmazonPrime or YouTube—as well as for free with a Vudu subscription. 

steve zissou the life aquatic bill murray wes anderson david bowie

#6 — “The Life Aquatic With Steve Zissou”
— A reminder that things could always be worse as self-quarantining can’t hold a candle to one’s best friend being eaten by a luminescently-spotted jaguar shark, sparking an at-all-costs quest for revenge.

Toss in some unrequited love, the discovery of a long-lost son and a soundtrack of classic Bowie songs sung in Portuguese, played on a classical guitar—and you have the misfit crew of The Belafonte

Wes Anderson is again in peak form with his set design, color palette and cinematography—with a rare box office flop that has earned a solid cult following.

A great watch for all who plan on going on an overnight drunk while quarantined—and remember to never point a guy at an unpaid intern. 

 Available for purchase on iTunes, AmazonPrime, GooglePlay, Vudu or YouTube.

bill murray bob harris lost in translation scarlett johansson sofia copolla
#5 — “Lost In Translation” — As close as you’re going to get to a rom-com-drama in the Murray universe, this Sofia Coppola-directed film became another cult-classic.

Bill was nominated for an Academy Award for this fan-favorite lose (losing to Jamie Foxx and his portrayal of Ray Charles in “Ray”)—while his chemistry with then-newcomer Scarlett Johansson was undeniable. 

Bob Harris as an aging actor in mid-life crisis-mode, crossing paths with Charlotte—a young college graduate and newlywed, unsure of her marriage to a celebrity photographer.

The two strangers in a strange land—Tokyo—bonding over whiskey, karaoke and Japanese nightlife and shared insomnia.

Not to mention, that final scene where Bob says farewell to Charlotte and (obviously) whispers in her ear, “17 years from now when the Coronavirus hits—be a good human and only buy enough toilet paper for you and your family.” 

Available for purchase on iTunes, AmazonPrime, GooglePlay, Vudu or YouTube—or for free with a Hulu subscription.

bill murray what about bob baby steps richard dreyfuss bob wiley leo marvin

#4 — “What About Bob?”
— Set on holiday Lake Winnipesaukee in New Hampshire—this comedy classic gives everyone something to look forward to, as spring is completely getting hijacked from all of us, hopefully leading to a greater appreciation for summer.

Like a human COVID-19, Bob Wiley infiltrates and destroys the life of the egotistical Dr. Leo Marvin—while hijacking a Good Morning America appearance and winning over America, as well as the entire Marvin family. 

An indelible story where our protagonist is the only one who sees the forest for the trees, while everyone else who’s last their mind thinks he’s the nut-job. 

Available for purchase on iTunes, AmazonPrime, GooglePlay, Vudu or YouTube—or for free with a Hulu subscription.

ghostbusters bill murray peter venkman dan aykroyd harold ramis ernie hudson

#3. — “Ghostbusters”
— A supernatural comedy where paranormal activity swept across New York City in pandemic fashion—everyday citizens possessed and infected by a demigod that four anti-heroes bravely fought off. 

Toss in an overzealous—and apparently neutered—Environmental Protection Agency inspector, an oversized, puffy marshmallow man and a catchy theme song that immediately transports us back to the easy-breezy 1980’s; this comedy classic remains a crowd pleaser—Dr. Peter Venkman as Bill in peak form. 

Available for purchase on iTunes, AmazonPrime, GooglePlay, Vudu or YouTube—or for free with a Hulu subscription.

bill murray caddyshack carl spackler the masters cinderella boy augusta rodney dangerfield brian doyle-murray

#2 — “Caddyshack”
— Many would expect a golf apparel brand to go with a Murray brothers-fueled classic as our number one, but like that pesky, never-quit varmint—we zig when you expect us to zag. 

Written by Brian Doyle-Murray—who also played caddymaster Lou Loomis—while Bill was scene-stealing as Carl Spackler, the Bushwood oddballs came together for arguably one of the most-beloved comedies of all time. 

Al Czervik, Ty Webb, Danny Noonan, Tony D’Annunzio, Lacey Underall—even the curmudgeonly foil Judge Elihu Smails—few more quotable and laugh-inducing moments than Caddyshack gives us. Anyone whose every played golf knows this film like any rock-n-roller can act out a scene from Spinal Tap. 

Unfortunately, with The Masters officially postponed—Spackler’s mums-whacking and Cinderella Boy speech is about as close as you’re going to get to Augusta glory and green jackets for a while. Welp. 

Available for purchase on iTunes, AmazonPrime, GooglePlay, Vudu or YouTube—or for free with a fuboTV subscription.

groundhog day bill murray phil connor punxatawney phil andie macdowell

#1 — "Groundhog Day”
— A no-brainer top choice was the entire nation will spend the next few days, weeks—or even months—living like they’re on house arrest and avoiding the outside world.

Almost two decades after this fantasy comedy debuted, we’re all truly about to feel Phil Connor’s pain of living the same day over and over and over again, trapped in a time loop no one else was aware of. 

May none of us let the pending monotony of our current quarantined lives cause us to drive off a cliff—instead, making the most of an less-than-optimum situation; taking up new hobbies and finding ways to self-improve. 

For Phil, it was mastering the piano, learning how to ice sculpt and teaching himself to speak French—so find your itch and scratch it. 

Until then, a raise sweet vermouth on the rocks—with a twist—and a much-needed toast to world peace, as it feels necessary over the coming weeks. 

Available for purchase on iTunes, AmazonPrime, GooglePlay, Vudu or YouTube—or for free with a Netflix subscription.

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