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William Murray: Humor, Father's Day & Making Memories

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The late, great basketball coach Jim Valvano once said, “My father gave me the greatest gift anyone could give another person; he believed in me.”

So incredible that innate need to be believed-in by ones who made us—even by greats like Coach V, who become father figures and universally inspirational to so many. 

Father’s Day is approaching and whether one is celebrating their own dad or being honored for being one, it’s equally as meaningful—yet humbling and in some ways hard to accept.

For many men, that type of adoration can be uncomfortable and foreign. Celebrate the moms. Let them get all the feels. The patriarch is content lurking behind the scenes—often as the workhorse for others and shouldering the heaviest burdens, which is why the premise of being honored on this holiday remains hard to swallow. 

Go make your mother feel like a queen. All I want is for you to do something for her. Don’t make a fuss over me. I’m just fine. Something to that effect. 

All of this to say that as Father’s Day approaches, we encourage those in the William Murray tribe to dig deep and find a way to connect with your dads the weekend, barring distance not being an issue.  Meet him on his terms and turf, while giving up some of your time to let your original hero know just why he’s still your inspiration. 

We used our social platforms this week as a way of encouraging our followers to create a #MurrayMoment with their dads, by way of some classic Bill Murray films. What was once so easy in our youth—taking in Caddyshack with the big guy as it ran on cable back in the day—has somehow become a monumental feat thanks to the pace of adult life. 

“I’d love to, Dad, if I can find the time. You see my new job’s a hassle and the kids have the flu, but it’s sure nice talking to you, Dad. It’s been sure nice talking to you.” 

That moment when a seventies yacht rock ballad becomes reality—Harry Chapin, "Cats In The Cradle" and all that. 

Someone is always, “too busy” as life-responsibility shifts from one generation to the next. Knowing that brings on an urgency to doing something about it. Check any baggage at the door, break the curse and end the mythical Culture of Busyness. 

There’s always time; it’s just a matter of carving some out and chasing future memories, opposed to one’s tail and letting the daily grind steal us from time and experiences with our loved ones. 

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William Murray put out a Top 10 movie list days back—Bill Murray classics that will go down smoothly with a glass of bourbon and weekend hang with Dad. While there’s not a bad one on the full list, our Top 3—in no particular order—based on personal taste and relationships to each film. There are no wrong answers here. 

“What About Bob?” — Ideal as summertime is getting underway; imagery of Lake Winnipesaukee, memories of family vacations and Bill coming off as a zany uncle-type in Bob Wiley. The type of movie that makes one feel insane, but in a good way—no one able to spot the glaring insanity the new guy is displaying, to the point where it drives our protagonist nuts.

Quoteable as they come and the dysfunction between Leo Marvin and his son Siggy is enough to make all our father-son dynamics feel completely normal. 

“Quick Change”
— Bill starring as Grimm; a bank-robbing, crying-on-the-inside type of clown just looking for a big enough score to take care of his lady Phyllis and best-buddy Loomis. Everything that can go wrong en route to Laguardia essentially does and hijinks ensue. A classic, underrated comedy with some quotable lines, a run-in with the mob and a stellar cameo from Tony Shahoub. “Bluftoni” for the win. 

— Overplayed? Sure. That said, it’s Father’s Day and U.S. Open weekend. A great way to kick off the morning—brunch and Bushwood before afternoon coverage of the year’s second major gets underway. If you and your old man are root-for-the-underdog types, it’ll make for a great afternoon rooting Noonan and Webb to victory. If your pops is somewhat Smails-esque, you can take some joy in watching him unravel as the slobs take down the snobs. 

However the day is spent, our advice to you—go make some new memories. So easy for us to get caught up talking about, “the good old days” or way things used to be, that we forget we’re living future “remember when” moments here and now. 

Happy Fathers Day to all the great dads out there who dare to be different, march to their own beat … and encouraged laughter and humor by way of the Murray classics we still quote together today. 

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