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“You Say It’s Bill’s Birthday …. We’re Gonna Have A Good Time"

“You Say It’s Bill’s Birthday …. We’re Gonna Have A Good Time"

Bill Murray is taking his 69th trip around the sun, which is something William Murray Golf wanted to honor in next-level fashion this September. 

Months back when brainstorming this monumental event, someone tied to the brand mentioned Bill’s birthday being“Bigger than the Super Bowl”—which sparked a quick conversation about the post-game ads, where fans could immediately order their “Officially Licensed Commemorative Super Bowl Apparel” before the post-game confetti had even hit the floor. 

It got us wondering,“What if we made an official Bill Murray 69th birthday commemorative t-shirt for the event?” 

With that, the concept ofLXIXwas born—the number 69 in Roman Numerals, for the savages out there—and our wink-and-a-nod to the man, the myth, the Murray and all things irreverent.

Knowing Bill would find himself celebrating his Welcome-To-Earth day here, there and everywhere throughout the month, with various friends and family—we crafted a handful of limited edition shirts for him to share with all those good folks in he knows and loves. 

Unbeknownst to us, a handful of quality people who got their hands on the highly-coveted shirts took the time to send in their official birthday wishes; a handful of them we strung together here in this compilation video. 

Bill being Bill; he made sure to squirrel away a few of the apparel boxes we gave him and sent them back to Austin a few days back—much to our surprise. Inside the box, a simple-yet-poignant handwritten note:

“What about the people who have been buying our golf line for the past few years? Are they not our friends, as well? Put a few up on the website and see if anybody’s interested. They deserve to be in on this.” 

Bill forward-thinking ways resulted in us adding what leftover shirts we have to—but know this; these will go quick and there currently aren’t any plans to print up any more, as September 21st is fast-approaching and after that we’ll be well on to plans for the big SEVEN-ZERO. 

For those of you interested, we created a few different designs—all our standard WMG navy regarding the t-shirt, with a gold print for the LXIX and assorted Murrayesqye accents on the sleeves of upper back. 

Raising one up to the legend this week, thanking him for years of friendship and partnership and wishing him many, many more. 

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