Murray Tartan Towel



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An ideal way to give your golf bag some extra flair and style, we’re thrilled to finally bring you the William Murray-style golf towel you’ve been asking for. While the majority of our gear that can be spotted from fifty yards out, this bold towel will catch eyes from an even greater distance.

The Murray family tartan pattern was again the inspiration here and we added a white William Murray logo, which stands out nicely on the darker pattern—while a carabiner clip through a metal-reinforced circle ensures your towel will remain affixed, even if you get that cart up on two wheels. 

  • 70% more absorbent than standard cotton golf towels
  • Microfiber waffle towel to help remove dirt from your clubs
  • Towel Dimensions: 24" x 16"
  • 85% Polyester / 15% Polyamide
  • Metal eyelet and carabiner included for a secure hold on your bag

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