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Bartending, New Gear & Ryder Cup Mascot: What a Month to Be Murray

Bartending, New Gear & Ryder Cup Mascot: What a Month to Be Murray

In just under three weeks, icon Bill Murray picked-up two shifts bartending, launched his own apparel line and found himself in the Ryder Cup team photo.

No one on the planet is coming off a better as-of-late run than Bill Murray. Not even Team USA on Sunday as it popped bottles and hoisted the trophy.

Over the past 17 days, the man, the myth, the Murray checked off some pretty epic bucket list-type items:

A two-day bartending stint in Brooklyn at his eldest son’s neighborhood restaurant—followed by the announcement of a apparel brand bearing his proper name, which also happened to be his 66th birthday, as he got his game ready for the Ryder Cup.

Within days, the Hazeltine takeover was underway—on stage for the practice round and sliding into the background and role of super-fan, once off.

Just a guy from Wilmette, there with his brother, watching some golf and passionately rooting for the home team—at a time when his country could definitely use a jolt of something good.

The instant-classic battle with Team Europe opened with a win-it-for-Mr.-Palmer type energy—and signed off with Bill taking a healthy swig of Moët, handed to him by sometimes pro-am partner and a Masters’ champion. Not a bad week.

In-between, Team USA played lights out—and the game had a bounce in its step that must carry over to future tournaments; especially those who welcome a more festive environment and livelier event-goer.

bill murray william murray golf 21 greenpoint brooklyn new york homer murray

The obvious takeaway for the game’s decision-makers; breathe some life into golf and the people will respond. (Your case study continues days later, a buzz from Sunday still in the air.)

Let’s not forget this past week kicked off with a hometown heckler taking on a pro’s challenge, draining the putt others couldn’t and chest-bumping all of Team Europe in celebration before collecting his c-note and presumably heading to the bar to buy his crew a round—money won, always better than money earned and a story they’ll none soon forget.

Within minutes the underdog story went viral and resonated with those who can non-stop quote Caddyshack and longs to come across others who speak the same language.

bill murray ryder cup team photo hazeltine team usa

The energy at Hazeltine made it clear; a little irreverence is good for the game.

Maybe the answer isn’t inside-out; a belief that golf needs the next-whoever to have a Tiger-esque effect. Maybe golf’s answer is outside-in; a movement rooted in an attitude, lifestyle and energy—complete with its own cult hero.

Who better than a comedic icon that grew up with respect and reverence for the game—yet puts a premium on the importance of humor, as well?

The result is a reverent-irreverence.

When it was time to chant “America!” and get a rowdy call-and-response going —a passionate ringleader and biggest noisemaker.

As the home team raised the trophy—it was their moment; Bill from Wilmette outside the ropes, taking it all in, letting the winners bask in the glow, celebrating their moment.

Golf’s answers are no longer coming from within, they’re on the outside—and that’s just fine. Embrace it. A movement has begun. How it’ll all unfolds waits to be seen—but something is brewing and people are connecting with it.

The game is on the brink of finding its voice and it starts with more authentic golf moments like the ones William James Murray ignited this past week in Minnesota.

William Murray Golf’s Fall 2016 apparel line launches on October 20th, 2016. For more information, please visit

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