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William Murray Golf: Now Open for Business

William Murray Golf: Now Open for Business

We know what you’re thinking and the answer is “yes”, that William Murray.

Dr. Peter Venkman. Carl Spackler. Frank Cross. Herman Blume. Pvt. John Winger. Whatever memory the name instantly evokes by way of some iconic characters, add this new one to the list as Bill Murray (and his five brothers) now have a golf apparel line.

How did we get here? theCHIVE—the world’s largest humor website—got to know Bill and soon discovered a shared love of golf and desire to bring the right amount of irreverence and fun to the game. From there, a partnership was born.

For those who’ve seen Bill consistently steal the show at the annual AT&T Pebble Beach National Pro-Am every year, two thing immediately jump out at you. A whimsical and loose personality that brings a much-needed lightness to one of the PGA Tour’s best events, as well as a true sense of style as Bill’s look couldn’t be further from the tucked-in polo and slacks favored by traditionalists.

Fashion has forever been important to Bill; his looks on and off the course always making him easily identifiable. When deciding to bring that style to the course, Team WMG put tremendous focus on the latest and greatest in golf apparel technology, believing that comfort is equally as important as style when teeing it up.

The final ingredient—those of you reading this piece.

Whether you’re a serious golfer chasing your club championship, a weekend hacker going out with your buddies to make some memories or a non-golfer who is into the lifestyle aspect of the brand—William Murray Golf was created to help you channel your inner Murray.

Cool-hand. Laid back. Sanguine. Confident. Embrace it all. Be chill like Bill.

There are countless golf and lifestyle apparel options available for different personality types, but none are tied to an icon that weaves through life while transcending generations. Anyone who has followed Bill Murray on the weekend at Pebble Beach can attest that his gallery always dwarves every other pairing at the event. Whether he’s atop the leaderboard or in dead last, no group out there is having more fun in the process. The large, rowdy crowd feeds off that—and understandably so.

The sport of golf is ripe for an injection of fun. Less elitism and exclusiveness. More embracing all types while taking things less seriously. It’s the William Murray way.

William Murray Golf: Now Open for Business

Courses nationwide are relaxing dress codes, allowing music on the course and embracing a more laid-back approach with 9-hole rounds, 15-inch cups and souped-up carts, while TopGolf has turned the traditional driving range experience into a full-blown rager.

The winds of change are blowing in this beloved sport and we’re attempting to play our part in the apparel space—creating a brand that compliments the newfound liveliness golf is currently experiencing, while inviting folks to be part of the new movement.

By now you’ve noticed that the William Murray Golf logo is a silhouette of the legend himself dismissively tossing a club while strolling the fairways at Pebble Beach. Zoom in on Bill’s face and you’ll see that dismissive, nonchalant look.

Good shot? Bad shot? Doesn’t matter. Just get out there and enjoy yourself. Trust us, it’s what Bill would want you to do.

Regarding the official William Murray Golf blog, rest assured this is only the beginning. We have lots to share and all the time in the world to do it.

Behind the scenes content with Bill and his brothers, to our thoughts on the state of golf, ways to make your round more-spirited and some behind-the-scenes on the PGA Tour through players and friends we’ve aligned with over the years—Team WMG promises to keep it fun, casual, irreverent, disruptive and informative. So we’ve got that going for us.

Welcome to William Murray Golf.

William Murray Golf’s fall apparel line went on sale Thursday October 20th, 2016. For more information visit

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