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Finding That Augusta State Of Mind Without 'The Masters'

Finding That Augusta State Of Mind Without 'The Masters'

As this Coronavirus pandemic rolls on and we all adjust to life in this alternate universe, William Murray continues suggesting that our brand enthusiasts stick to the W.W.B.D. way of thinking—constantly asking themselves, "What would Bill do?"

Sitting here week two into self-quarantining and playing our part in flattening the curve, the following Murrayism came to mind; Bill discussing pliability in regards to dealing with everything life throws at him: 

"I live a little bit on the seat of my pants. I try to be alert and available; I try to be available for life to happen to me. We're in this life—and if you're not available, the sort of ordinary time goes past and you didn't live it. But if you're available, life gets huge. You're really living it." 

While it doesn't seem like anything we do right now will result in life getting "huge" anytime soon—living by the seat of our pants and being both alert and available is certainly doable. 

Bill has made a career out of improvising—which is something all of us used to order and routine, are being forced to learn each passing day. 

Live sports would be a welcomed distraction right now, but in effort to reduce the risk of exposure, all upcoming events have either been postponed, or cancelled—none hitting home harder for fellow golf nerds than the plug being pulled on The Masters—a favorite mid-April tradition.

Something about this Southern-fueled major always seems to be the kickoff of spring and official goodbye to winter. Azaleas in full bloom—on CBS Sports, in high-definition—with the soothing sounds of Jim Nantz on Easter Sunday afternoon as a few contenders come down the stretch; April 12th, 2020 will definitely be missing something. 

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Knowing the first major of the year isn't taking place, William Murray wanted to push through with something Augusta-esque in effort to commemorate this beloved event—bringing back our "Just-A-Trim" polo from 2018, as well as last year's "Remastered" collection—all in limited edition fashion. 

If you feel like you heard something about this already, our fearless leader—one William James Murray—was in Austin weeks back, helping out in the warehouse, with brother Joel Murray, and "accidentally" leaked out news that both items would soon be coming back.

Chalk it up to general excitement surrounding the new wave of gear the brothers saw first-hand at our fulfillment center. 

Bill and the brothers also suggested a little Charleston flair with our Spring 2020 line—which sparked the idea for our "Southern Charm" offering, released weeks back. 

Two different polos and a few short-sleeve button downs; Magnolias and Dogwoods all on display, mixed in with some subtle William Murray logo nods—all an homage to Chucktown and the Palmetto State which Bill calls home. 

We know a small product offering won't soon make up for four days of Augusta bliss and 72 holes of always-thrilling golf—but in times like this, every little something that helps life feel a little bit more *normal* is welcomed. 

William Murray's current spring line on sale—while all Augusta-themed apparel is limited edition and will stick around while supplies last. 

For more on the brand and the latest updates, please follow @WilliamMurrayGolf on Instagram.

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