Can't Always Get What You Want; Sometimes You Get What You Need

Can't Always Get What You Want; Sometimes You Get What You Need

It's not the Masters we wanted, but maybe it will be just the Augusta-driven weekend we needed—a forced hard-reset to take some personal inventory, while working to develop a new appreciation for all the little things we’re currently missing on this journal back to normal.

The golf world—rattled weeks back when the postponement was announced—can now breathe easier, knowing everyone’s favorite Southern-fueled major will officially take place mid-November.

With the event back on track 32 weeks from now, a good time to stop lamenting about what could’ve been and to spend this weekend focused on what is; honed in on those blessings, not temporary inconveniences.

Sure, a month of self-quarantining has its setbacks and is throwing most off our game—but there are also unexpected benefits hiding in plain sight if we take the time to sift through the rubble in search of some gold nuggets; starting with making the most of a forced, slowed-down pace.

Where this Sunday had the potential to be just another day full of egg hunts, a sugarbuzz and Thanksgiving-style springtime over-indulgence—the smooth sounds of Jim Nantz gracing the speakers, over hi-res video of Augusta National—there’s now an excuse to take a road less traveled.

ESPN and CBS will play their part for the full-blown golf junkies—by way of re-running old Masters footage all week and weekend. Saturday the world will get Phil Mickelson’s one-stroke victory over Ernie Els in 2004, while Sunday will keep it current with Tiger Woods’ return to glory in 2019

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Reliving those full rounds in their entirety—especially one from 16 years back that most arguably haven’t watched in its entirety since it was live; a family-bonding opportunity that can revolve around throwing everything back to 2004 and conversations about where they were life-wise in that era.

For those not interested in reruns, a rate chance to shut the TV off, to crank the music up and to get lost in Spotify mixes, instead of somber golf coverage. Dig up some classics you haven’t listen to in a while and give everyone in the house the chance to play some of their favorites.

Go the Lost In Translation-karaoke route if that’s your thing—or turn it into a game like “Beat Shazam” and have some fun with it. Throw out the rule book this holiday weekend and go where the wind blows—just stay inside, you wild animals; it's still curve-flatten-mode.

Board games for the bored. Reading for the bookworms. Video games for the technologically advanced. Sit through a double- or triple-feature of your family’s favorite movies. (Weeks back we suggest the top Bill Murray movies to watch while quarantined. If you missed it, spoiler alert, there's still time to dig in.) 

If none of that is appealing; here's a novel concept—dare to live bold, shut down everything and actually talk to each other. So avant garde, right? 

Haven't caught up with old friends or family in a while—jump on a call, or ping them on FaceTime and just let them know they're missed and loved. Isolation can work wonders on the psyche and depression has kicked in more than you know for some. You never know who might need to hear from you right here and now. 

We all have options; we simply need to get over the fact that our first or second choices aren’t currently on the table. Here’s a rare opportunity where we’re forced to live in-the-now and to be completely available and pliable in this temporary, alternate universe.

Last little bit of advice. Most of us have been living a home office, quarantined existence this past month—an excuse to rock the athleisure wear non-stop, barring you even choose to get out of your pajamas. 

For Easter, maybe an attempt at a watered-down version of that "Sunday's Best"? Fellas, maybe grab a shower and a shave, run that comb through your hair and go the button-down and jeans route and at least attempt to look like a shred of the guy you significant other once knew. 

Ladies, you don't need any advice from us—you've got this. Safe bet if your guy event attempts to clean up his act, you will more than get yours together—and everyone will be better for it; feeling a little bit more normal, at least for the day.

William Murray, Bill and the Murray brothers wish you all a safe and happy Easter weekend. May you find contentment in what is, instead of getting caught up in what isn’t. 

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